Work package 1: Analysis and integration of research agendas of actors in Regional Clusters

This WP will be devoted to a deep analysis of the structure of the Regional Clusters (RC), the innovation and research areas developed within the Regional environment concerning the specific area of Urban Logistics. The targets are:

More over a related analysis of the demand of innovation in the specific thematic area will be carried out. In fact this element is very important to define the possible innovation areas to be covered by the future activities.

From the methodological point of view this WP will carry out these main activities:

As the analysis will be carried out in the different sites in a parallel way, it is very important to share a common methodological framework, so that a common work devoted to define and share the analysis methodology and the reference framework for the whole work will be carried out.

The WP will consist in 4 different tasks which will be separately described in the following.