Task 1.3. - Assessment of the research state at the local level related to the European trends and demand analysis


According to the DoW in order to fully understand the potential of the RCs it’s important to evaluate on one side their position related to the research and innovation trends recorded in Europe and to the general state of R&TI, and on the other side the distance from the innovation demand perceived on the local market.
To achieve these results, it is necessary to define and to analyze the existent knowledge about the state of the European research on the specific topic of urban logistics. This is the first part of the activity to be developed within tasks 1.3.
A specific integration will be made analyzing the trends in two main fields which represent important support technology for the urban logistics, that is the ICT and the vehicle technologies (with particular respect to electric vehicles). Moreover the planning documents of the main Bodies in charge of technological development, namely:

will be deeply analyzed by UCVin order to prepare a reference for the evaluation of the position of each RC compared to the EU Position.

The second phase of the activities will be to prepare a document describing the position of the RCs activities with respect to this reference framework; this will be done according to the methodology developed under task 1.1 and the information collected in task 1.2 about the local situation in the Regions.
This analysis will give the possibility to characterize the specific context of the RCs with respect to the external reality in a transnational context, as the one targeted by the RCs actions should be.
The outcome of the work will be a report containing the above mentioned analysis and the results of the comparative positioning analysis.