University of Craiova involvement

Moreover UCV is going to prepare a document related to the general European situation taking into the account: the planning documents of the main Bodies in charge of technological development, namely:

Description of the Activities

Each partner has to develop the activities assigned by the task leader according to the following scheme:

  1. Data collection of the documents produced within within several European Programs, Civitas, CiTylog, SmartsetBestfact etcetera. Moreover the availability of advanced products and solutions on the market should begenerally taken into account. This activity should lead to identify the most important and advanced technologies / solutions and the general situation of the sector in Europe
  2. Preparation of the documentation which will be constituted of two parts:
    1. A short synthesis of the general situation related to the specific technological field (descriptive)
    2. For the most important technologies / application a specific record containing: