University of Craiova - Faculty of Mechanics


All the papers will be presented at "Romanescu" University House

1: Modeling and simulation in mechanical engineering

Eminescu Hall- 15.00-17.00
Chairman: Doina Pisla & Dan Marghitu
1 Parametric Modeling for Analyzing Diseases of the Human Spine C. Vaida, P. Tucan and D. Pisla
2 Influences of Antero-Posterior Tibial Slope on the Prosthetic Knee Contact Stresses D. Calafeteanu, D. Tarnita, M. Catana, D. Calin and D. Tarnita
3 Influences of Varus Tilt on the Stresses in Human Prosthetic Knee Joint D. Calafeteanu, D. Tarnita, M. Catana and D. Tarnita
4 Comparative Study of Cervical Classic Systems and Test Dummies Biofidelic of Road Accidents C. Stefanita, B. Tica and T. Dragos
5 Wavelet Analysis of Humans with Osteoarthritis D. Tarnita, D. Marghitu and N. Crăciunoiu
6 Virtual Modeling, Detail Design and FEM Analysis for a Testing Device C.C. Gavrila and R. Velicu
7 The 3D Virtual Model of a Classical Hip Joint Prosthesis D. Calin, D. Tarnita, D. Popa, A. Roșca and D. Tarnita
8 Virtual Model and Simulation of the Normal and Affected Human Hip Joint D. Calin, D. Tarnita, D. Popa, D. Calafeteanu and D. Tarnita
Eminescu Hall- 17.30-19.30
Chairman: Catalin Alexandru & Diana Popescu
1 Mono-Objective Optimization of a Photovoltaic Tracking System with LPF Controllers C. Alexandru
2 Study of Particle Motion on a Helical Vibrating Surface D. Popescu
3 Analysis and Processing of Index Tests Results at Double-Adjust Hydraulic Turbines with a Computer-Aided Design Software A. Cuzmoș, D. Nedelcu, C.V. Campian, C. Fănică and A. Budai
4 A Simulation of the Stress Intensity Factors KI and KII Variation in the Hertzian Stresses Field of Gear Teeth C.O. Popa, S. Haragâș
5 Some Considerations about the Influence of the Stress Intensity Factors KImin, KIImax and Keq in Fatigue Crack Propagation in the Substrate of the Gear Teeth C.O. Popa, S. Haragâș
6 Simulation Models of the Comprex Type Pressure Wave Supercharger T.S. Radu, M. Hîrceagă, C.I. Leahu, C.I. Leahu, H. Abaitancei and M. Iakab-Peter
7 Simulation of A Mono Cylindrical Engine with Les Software G. Gherghina, D.L. Popa and D. Tutunea
8 Modeling and Simulation of the Stand for Testing of Helicoidally Springs from Automotives Suspension L. Simniceanu, D.L. Popa and A. Constantinescu
9 The Dynamic Simulation of a Gear. The Conveyance Error Associate with the Eccentricity Faults M. Cătăneanu and A. Cătăneanu