University of Craiova - Faculty of Mechanics


All the papers will be presented at "Romanescu" University House

2: Applied mechanics, mechatronic systems and robots

Romanescu Hall: 15.00-17.00
Chairman: Iuliu Negrean & Mihnea Marin
1 Mechatronic System for Spectral Monitoring of the Crops Vegetation Status M. Luculescu, L. Cristea, S.C. Zamfira and I. Barbu
2 Adaptable Minirobots for Pipe Inspection Task M.O. Tatar, D. Mandru, I. Ardelean and A. Plesa
3 Design and Modelling 4 DOFs Upper Limb Exoskeleton D. Mândru, M.O. Tãtar, S. Noveanu and A. Ianosi
4 Design and Analysis of a Wheelchair for Disabled People I. Geonea, A. Romanescu, L. Racila and N. Dumitru
5 Experimental Analysis of a New Exoskeleton for People with Disabilities I. Geonea, A. Romanescu and L. Racila
6 Balancing of a Slider-Crank Mechanism by Using a Counter Mass and a Progressive Spring with Two Rates D. Groza
7 New Formulations on Acceleration Energies in Analytical Dynamics I. Negrean
8 New Formulations on Motion Equations in Analytical Dynamics I. Negrean
9 Study Regarding the Specific Components Performance of Assistant Robots V.C. Dumitru
10 Graphical Simulation System for Functional Analysis of a Parallel Robot for Transperineal Prostate Biopsy D. Pisla, P. Tucan, B. Gherman, N. Crisan and N. Plitea
Romanescu Hall: 17.30-19.30
Chairman: Erwin Lovasz & Paun Antonescu
1 Experimental Measurements of the Human Knee Flexion Angle during Squat Exercises D. Tarnita, A. Roºca, I. Geonea and D. Calafeteanu
2 Experimental Approach Regarding the Analysis of Human Complex Motions M. Marin, C. Copilusi and L. Rusu
3 Experimental Approach Regarding the Behavior of a Human Rehabilitation Exoskeleton C. Copilusi, M. Ceccarelli and A. Margine
4 Structural and Static Analysis of the Mechanisms Used in Car Mechanical Jacks P. Antonescu
5 New Mechanisms Used for Generating Circular Translation Motion P. Antonescu
6 Theoretical and Experimental Studies on the Motion of a Pneumatically Actuated Manipulator A. Romanescu, L. Grigorie and D. Vintila
7 Movements of Plants – a Source of Information for the Mechanisms of Robots A. Romanescu, L. Grigorie and D. Vintila
8 Model for the Motion of Misaligned Shafts with Elastic Plate Coupling H. Poparad
9 A dynamic analysis based on MBD ADAMS program for a variant of quadruped robot F. Pop, E.C. Lovasz, V. Dolga, M. Ceccarelli, D.T. Margineanu and C. Pop
10 Differential Model for a Six-Weeled Robot (ACM1PT) C. Segura, J. Hernández, O.F. Avilés, M. Mauledoux and M.S. Dutra
11 Ackerman Model for a Six-Wheeled Robot (ACM1PT) O.F. Avilés, C. Segura, J. Hernández, M. Mauledoux and M.S. Dutra