University of Craiova - Faculty of Mechanics


All the papers will be presented at "Romanescu" University House

3: Automotive engineering

* The acknowledgment of these papers refers only at project Grant number PO 9003/1138/31.03.2014 SMIS code 50139

N. Iorga Hall: 15.00-17.00
Chairman: Nicolae Ispas & Mircea Năstăsoiu
1 Crash Tests and the Loads over Driver Head in Different Side Impact Cases N. Ispas and M. Nastasoiu
2 Vehicles’ Passive Safety Systems Influence on Driver’s Thorax Injuries O. Oțăt, N. Dumitru and O. Victor
3 Aspects regarding the influence of Lambda control system faults on pollutant emissions of spark ignition engines I. Lespezeanu, F.M. Militaru, O. Alexa, C.O. Ilie, M. Marinescu
4 Study of Emission of a Mono Cylindrical Diesel Engine Fueled with Biodiesel of Palm Oil D. Tutunea, M. Bica, I. Dumitru and A. Dima
5 Studies Regarding the Evolution of Pollutant Emissions Related to Certain Transitory Condition of an Internal Combustion Engine Using Mobile Measuring Systems* I. Dumitru, F. Colici, A. DIMA and V.G. Mardarescu
6 Level of Service Calculation for Four-Leg Intersection with Different Types of Priorityes* I. Dumitru, L. MATEI, M. Vinatoru and L. Racila
7 Simulation and Modeling of Compression Stroke in Diesel Engines M. Dawwa and I.L. Baboiu
8 Simulation of Combustion Process in Diesel Engines Based on Eddy Dissipation Model M. Dawwa
9 Experimental Investigation on the Effect of Bioethanol on Emission Performance of Diesel Engine for Rapeseed Biodiesel-Diesel Blends F. UM MIN ALLAH and G. Alexandru
10 Process Design for Autonomous Car Mining 1st Prototype “ACM1PT” to Help on Exploration Task on Outdoor Environments C. Segura, J. Hernández, H. Ramirez, O.F. Avilés, M. Mauledoux and M.S. Dutra
N. Iorga Hall: 17.30-19.30
Chairman: I. Lespezeanu & M. Bica
1 On the Progressive VZN Shock Absorber Performances and Dissipated Energy A.I. Niculescu
2 1⁄4 Car Model for Suspension Trim Corrector Performances Evaluation A.I. Niculescu
3 On-board mulfunction simulations on vehicles that are equipped with electronic control systems I. Lespezeanu, F.M. Militaru, O. Alexa, C.O. Ilie, M. Marinescu
4 Safety Clutch with Adjustable Centrifugal Driving. An Introduction into a New Class of Couplings A. Budală and D. Savescu
5 Investigation on the Intake Process for a Theoretical Twin Opposite Piston Compressor Using R744 Refrigerant D. Groza and D.M. Dogariu
6 Multi-Domain and Durability Analysis of a Hybrid Hydraulic Vehicle H. Abaitancei, T.S. Radu, B. Muntean, C. Irimia, M. Grovu and C. Husar
7 Time Depending Friction in Bearing Mountings R. Velicu and M.T. Lates
8 Synthesis of the Mechanisms Used for Reverse Driving on Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT) O. Antonescu, C. Brezeanu and P. Antonescu
9 Metal Pushing V-Belt Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT) Used in Motor Vehicles O. Antonescu
10 Study of Handling Mechanism Attached to a Multistorey Car Parks C. Muscalagiu, D. Ilincioiu and D. Muscalagiu
H. Clinton Hall: 15.00-17.00
Chairman: Ion Preda & C.O.Ilie
1 Vehicle Steering Mechanism Elastodynamic Analysis N. Dumitru, V. Stoian and I. Geonea
2 Dynamics of a Pumping System N. Dumitru, D.B. Marghitu and N. Craciunoiu
3 Model Based Algorithm for the Study of the Vehicle Suspension I. PREDA
4 Modeling the Work of a Torque Converter during the Getaway Process of a Vehicle C.O. Ilie, O. Alexa, I. Lespezeanu, M. Marinescu, D. Grosu
5 Recurrence Plot Analysis to Study Parameters of a Gasoline Engine C.O. Ilie, O. Alexa, I. Lespezeanu, M. Marinescu, D. Grosu
6 Dual Supercharging with Turbocharger and Pressure Wave Supercharger C.I. Leahu, A. Chiru, D.M. DOGARIU and G. Mitroi
7 Dynamic Pressure Analysis of High Pressure Fuel Systems T.S. Radu, H. Abaitancei, A. Tusinean, C.I. Leahu and M. Iakab-Peter
8 Predesign of Automotive Independent Suspensions: Implementation as Mdesign Calculation Module D. Covaciu, I. Preda, D. Dima and A. Chiru
9 Design Optimization of the Rear Wing of a Sports Car M. Trotea, A. Bolcu, D. Neagoe and L. Simniceanu