University of Craiova - Faculty of Mechanics


All the papers will be presented at "Romanescu" University House

4: Management and production systems

Vladimirescu Hall: 15.00-17.00
Chairman: Mircea Neagoe & Adrian Rosca
1 Comparative Analysis of Two Wind Turbines with Planetary Gear Increaser in Steady-State R. Saulescu, M. Neagoe, C. Jaliu and O. Munteanu
2 Flow Measurement to a Kaplan Turbine Using a Direct Method and an Indirect One A.M. Budai, A. Cuzmos, C. Fanica, D. Pepa, C. Ursoniu and V.C. Campian
3 Modified Bouc-Wen Analytical Model for Romanian SERB-C Seismic Dampers Used in Buildings Protection System A. Ionescu, C. Burada and M. Negru
4 Structural and Kinematic Features of a 2 DOF Speed Increaser for Renewable Energy Systems R. Saulescu, C. Jaliu and M. Neagoe
5 Determination of Displacement of the Piece Center in the Process of Centerless Grinding A.C. Cernaianu, D. Tutunea and A.M. Dima
6 F.E.M. Simulation of the Building Frame Node Behavior during Seism A. Ionescu, C. Burada and M. Negru
7 Aspects about Implementation of Lean Manufacturing Principles for Quality Improvement in a Production System for Automotive Industry C.I. Pascu, I. Dumitru, S. Gheorghe, M. Nisipasu and D.G. Ciocioi- Troaca
8 About Inverse Problem in Heat Transfer A.S. Rosca, A. Nanu and D. Roºca
9 Adaptive Control for Solar Photovoltaic Tracking System E. Mejía-Ruda, J.F. Medina, M. Mauledoux, O.F. Avilés and M.S. Dutra
10 Design and Implementation of a Neural Network Applied to the Maximum Power Point Tracking of a Solar Panel M. Mauledoux, S. Fernández Posada and O.F. Avilés
11 Linear Control for Full Bridge Phase Pwm Rectifier M. Mauledoux, N. Linares Ospina, A.J. Valencia Castañeda and O.F. Avilés
12 Optimization of Cutting Conditions in Multi-Pass Milling A. BELLOUFI, A. Mekki, M. Hecini and I. REZGUI
13 Prediction of Solar Radiation through the Anfis Algorithm L.C.R. Cardenas, D. Amaya and O.L. Ramos Sandoval
14 Centrifugal Compressor Behavior in Upstream Business A. Azizi and Y. Al Ghafri