University of Craiova - Faculty of Mechanics


All the papers will be presented at "Romanescu" University House

5: Materials and fabrication systems

Al. Piru Hall: 15.00-17.00
Chairman: Nicu Craciunoiu & Gheorghe Stefan
1 Aspects about Sintering Behaviour of a Titanium Hydride Powder based Alloy used for Automotive Components C.I. Pascu, S. Gheorghe, I. Dumitru and C. Nicolicescu
2 Friction of the Polymers. Experimental Results and Analytical Model M. Rusu, D. Ionita, M. Benchea, V. Carlescu and D. Olaru
3 Fuzzy Logic Treatment of the Laminated Composites Fracture D. Popescu, C. Cernăianu, C. Bratu and E. Stăncuț
4 Study of the Friction Coefficient in Polyamide / Steel Type Contacts in Non-Lubricated Conditions M.T. Lates and C.C. Gavrila
5 The Crack Length Growth – a Fracture Parameter in a Stainless Steel Influenced by the Loading Test V. Rosca and C.M. Mirițoiu
6 The Influence of Two Extra Carbon Fiber Layers over the Damping Properties for Sandwich Bars with Polypropylene Honeycomb Core C.M. Mirițoiu, V. Rosca, C.O. Burada, A. Bolcu and M.L. Ciurezu
7 The Reinforcement Effect of Two Extra Carbon Fiber Layers on the Flexural Rigidity and Young Modulus for Sandwich Bars with Honeycomb Core C.M. Mirițoiu, C.O. Burada, D. Tărâță, A. Bolcu and C.A. Mirițoiu
8 Experimental and Numerical Study of the Cutting Temperature during the Turning of the C45 Steel M. Abdelkrim, M. Brioua, A. Belloufi, A. Gherfi
9 Factors Affecting Electrochemical Honing of SS-316 H. Singh and P.K. Jain
10 FEA of Bioabsorbable Material to Repair Hand Fractures O.F. Avilés, M. Mauledoux, O.G. Rubiano Montaña, H.F. Ramirez and M.S. Dutra