Activities related to the assessment of the state of the art (First Phase) - Registered user

According to the methodology document assessed in task 1.1 and the subsequent segmentation of the research area the following matrix describes all the technology and products to be analysed; in the same way each Technology field has been assigned to Partners in order to perform the data collection and the preparation of synthetic status of the art of each Technological field.

# General Tech field Specific Technology Partner in charge
1 Freight distribution management systems Simple software systems FRI/LIB
Fleet management systems
Integrated distribution management systems
2 Special hardware for distribution management Palm top for delivery management LIB
On-board devices for freight vehicles
3 Special software for freight distribution systems Software tools for freight distribution optimization MOV
4 Support systems for regulation schemes Access control management / charging systems IPN
Parking management / charging systems
Permissions release and management systems
5 Automatic warehousing systems and handling systems Warehousing systems FRI
Handling and picking systems and equipment
Loading / unloading systems and equipment
Automatic weight / dimension measurement equipment
Automatic labeling machines
6 Storage systems for transport Storage systems for transport UPV
7 Non-conventional vehicles Application of electric vehicles to freight distribution UPV/PE
Application of other non-conventional vehicles (Part 1)    (Part 2)
8 Engineering and management New regulation schemes MET
New distribution process schemes
9 E-commerce platforms Platforms addressed by specific operators to the end users for on-line buying IPA/DMG
Platforms b2b addressed by specific companies to other companies, shopkeepers, and other business subjects used for purchasing and managing orders and shipment
10 Electronic devices for goods and vehicles tracking Barcode systems IPN
RFID systems
GPS systems
Wi-Fi systems

The file for technology description is available here