2024 - 47 de ani de la înființare    

Project title:

·         Origin-destination surveys on the main arterials in the city – Urban Mobility Plans for the Craiova Growth Pole

·         Project no 5C from 22.06.2015



·         PTV Transport Consult GmbH

Research team:

·         Dumitru Ilie – Project manager

·         Racila Laurentiu Daniel – Technical manager

·         Rosca Adrian – Researcher

·         Craciunoiu Nicolae – Researcher

·         Simniceanu Loreta – Researcher

·         Trotea Mario – Researcher

·         Constantinescu Augustin – Researcher

·         Popa Gheorghe – Researcher

·         Oprica Theodor – Researcher

·         Ploscaru Cristina – Researcher

·         Ciunel Stefan – Researcher

·         Tutunea Dragos – Researcher

·         Dumitru Sorin – Researcher

·         Dima Alexandru – Researcher

·         Otat Oana Victoria – Researcher

·         Matei Lucian – Researcher

Aims and objectives and results:

            In order to achieve the transport model imposed by the beneficiary but also to substantiate the traffic analysis and forecast, traffic data need to be collected. Some of these data will be collected through origin-destination surveys and traffic censuses on main arteries in the Craiova municipality.

            This project aims at activities of collecting traffic data of interview type and manual census of traffic in stations arranged on the street network of the municipality. Organizing, conducting, monitoring and primary processing of OD surveys in 5 survey points located on the streets of Craiova.