2024 - 47 de ani de la înființare    

Project title:

·         Elaboration of traffic study at Slatina Municipality level

·         Project no. 34 from 24.06.2019


·         Slatina Municipality

·         Department of Street and Public Lighting Administration of Slatina Municipality

Research team:

·         Rotea Claudia Cristina – Project manager

·         Matei Lucian – Technical manager

·         Tutunea Dragoș – Scientific manager

·         Calota Ponea Armand – Researcher

·         Didu Anca – Researcher

·         Dumitru Ilie – Researcher

·         Dumitru Sorin – Researcher

·         Florescu Bogdan – Researcher

·         Manescu Leonardo-Geo – Researcher

·         Oprica Alexandru – Researcher

·         Oprica Theodor – Researcher

·         Otat Oana – Researcher

·         Racila Laurentiu – Researcher

·         Tudor Sorin – Researcher

Aims and objectives and results:

            Considering the travel difficulties encountered by road traffic participants in the transit of the main roads of Slatina, due to the increase of the car park, the lack of travel alternatives, the impossibility of changing the existing road network, the previous faulty arrangement of road transport infrastructure without taking into account considering the traffic flows, as well as the lack of data regarding these flows, the Traffic Study will be carried out at the level of the main critical areas / points of Slatina municipality.

            By definition, the purpose of the study is to identify and evaluate all measures necessary to improve traffic conditions for car traffic in the area of Slatina Municipality, given that the main measures, those related to traffic flow, increase passenger transport capacity and safety and the comfort of road users to be ensured, in particular by:

         Average travel speed;

         Unique meanings;

         Number of stops along the way;

         Duration of the journey;

         Fuel consumption;

         Global efficiency index;

         The costs of the proposed interventions.

            The traffic study aims at the impact of rehabilitation on:

         movement of travel times during peak hours;

         streamlining traffic and resolving traffic jams in the area of intersections adjacent to neighbourhoods;

         encouraging bicycle users;

         reduction of pollution;

         development and improvement of road transport infrastructure.