2023 - 46 de ani de la înființare    

Project title:

·         Study on the passenger traffic flow in Craiova

·         Project no 17C from 19.12.2016



·         Municipality of Craiova

·         Craiova City Hall

Research team:

·         Rosca Adrian Sorin – Project manager

·         Craciunoiu Nicolae – Scientific manager

·         Dumitru Ilie – Technical manager

·         Dumitru Nicolae – Researcher

·         Sauleanu Lucian – Researcher

·         Racila Laurentiu Daniel – Researcher

·         Burada Cristian – Researcher

·         Pascu Cristina – Researcher

·         Calota-Ponea Armand-Mihail – Researcher

·         Simniceanu Loreta – Researcher

·         Constantinescu Augustin – Researcher

·         Popa Gheorghe – Researcher

·         Oprica Theodor George – Researcher

·         Ploscaru Cristina Claudia – Researcher

·         Ciunel Stefaniță – Researcher

·         Tutunea Dragos – Researcher

·         Dumitru Sorin – Researcher

·         Dima Alexandru Mihai – Researcher

·         Otat Oana Victoria – Researcher

·         Matei Lucian – Researcher

·         Oprica Alexandru Constantin – Researcher

Aims and objectives and results:

            The activities proposed to be carried out by the within the research on the elaboration of the study on passenger flow in Craiova Municipality, start from a usual scientific approach of public transport and passenger flows, pointing to the following main objectives:

         Determining the variation of the current volume of trips by local public passenger transport during a day;

         Carrying out dedicated surveys among the citizens of the municipality regarding the satisfaction of the needs of public passenger transport;

         Optimizing the routes of the system of local public passenger transport lines;

         Proposal for a system of local public passenger transport lines for the city of Craiova

         Carrying out an economic-financial analysis for each route;

         Development of mathematical models / mathematical algorithms based on different mathematical tools (mathematical probabilities, mathematical statistics, graph theory, operational analysis, etc.) and development of modeling, simulations and optimizations using software platforms (AIMSUN, VISSUM-VISSIM) existing in transport laboratories of the Department of Motor Vehicles, Transport and Industrial Engineering;

         Forecast of the development of local public transport in the short, medium and long term, etc.